Ohioans For Medical Marijuana

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Ohio admitted today what many suspected – that after two years of planning, the state won’t meet the Sept. 8 deadline to begin selling medical marijuana. 

Ohio awarded 25 licenses to grow marijuana. But there were lawsuits and confusion over the state’s scoring process. And to date, none of those growers has begun cultivation.

Ohio Opens Medical Marijuana Site for Doctors

Mar 26, 2018
Photo of medical marijuana

Ohio is one-step closer to getting its medical marijuana program operating by September. The state medical board has opened the online application to certify doctors. They’ll be the first point of contact for patients who qualify for medical marijuana.

Some 36 doctors have applied statewide -- including nine from Cuyahoga County -- so far, to be certified to issue medical marijuana authorizations, according to spokesperson Tessie Pollack.

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Medical marijuana has been signed into law in Ohio, but that’s just the first step towards actually implementing a process to make its distribution in Ohi legal. 

Democratic Sen. Kenny Yuko of the Cleveland area is celebrating. After 13 years of working on the issue, his hope of legalizing medical marijuana has been achieved.

“When I was first approached in 2003 about medical marijuana by my physician, I took it with a smirk and a smile because I had never put those two words together,” Yuko said.

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An organization that wanted voters in November to pass a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana has halted its campaign, leaving the question of whether the effort will resurface later. A political scientist provides some possible answers.

When Ohioans for Medical Marijuana suspended its campaign and signature gathering efforts this past weekend, spokesman Aaron Marshall said part of the reason was that state lawmakers had passed their own medical-marijuana plan. And then there was the other reason.

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The campaign is over for a group that was pushing a constitutional amendment that would have legalized medical marijuana in Ohio and that was critical of the bill to legalize medical pot that the Legislature passed on Wednesday.