Ohioans for Gun Safety

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At Women’s Marches around the state over the weekend, a grassroots group collected signatures as part of a drive for mandatory background checks on gun sales.

The group that’s hoping to ask voters to expand background checks on gun sales through a potential ballot issue says they're now pushing their initiative by a year. 

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The group pushing for expanded background checks through a citizens initiative is attempting to collect enough signatures by the end of the year. Organizers say they have volunteers in dozens of counties around the state to gather support for stronger rules.

Ohioans for Gun Safety’s Dennis Willard says they are gaining volunteers and says the plan has even received support from gun owners. He notes that other states with universal background checks have seen improvement.

The group Ohioans for Gun Safety is making a push to get a popular gun control measure in front of voters.

According to the group’s spokesman Dennis Willard, they’re focused on one issue: getting mandatory universal background checks passed in Ohio.

Volunteers for the group spent Election Day at polling sites statewide, asking for signatures to put a new gun control law on the 2020 ballot.

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The group, Ohioans for Gun Safety, is moving full steam ahead on its drive to put a ballot issue on gun sale background checks before Ohio voters. It continues collecting signatures for the petition effort, and it got a boost Wednesday from the mayor of a city that recently dealt with a mass shooting. 

On Monday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine laid out the details of his 17-point plan – the STRONG Ohio plan – to address gun violence in the wake of the Aug. 4 mass shooting in Dayton that left nine dead and dozens wounded.

It is a plan, the Republican governor said, the Ohio legislature – dominated by his fellow Republicans – would vote to approve.


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William Wood answers the door to his suburban Columbus home with a Glock 19 on his hip. His two toddler-aged children, Daisey and Wesley, peak out from behind his legs.  

Cartoons are playing on the TV as Wood shows his gun collection in the living room. He pulls loaded gun magazines off a closet shelf, buried underneath Monopoly and Candy Land.

"This camo one here shoots a .300 Blackout, this is a standard 5.56 round," Wood says. "The kid in Dayton, he used that, unfortunately."

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The group pushing for expanded background checks on gun sales said the tragic mass shooting in Dayton has galvanized the state. Petitioners say it's time for Ohio lawmakers to take this issue of closing the so-called "Gun Show Loophole" seriously. 

Dennis Willard with the group Ohioans for Gun Safety said they're seeing an increase in donations, volunteers, and signatures.

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In the wake of the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohioans for Gun Safety says now is the time for state lawmakers to pass tougher gun regulations. The group says they have the blueprint for one critical issue.

Ohioans for Gun Safety is collecting signatures to petition the Ohio Legislature to expand and strengthen background checks on gun sales, this includes closing the loopholes on online and gun show sales.

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Gun safety advocates are one step closer to expanding background checks for gun sales and closing the so-called “Gun Show Loophole.” The petition gained approval from a state panel and opened the door to collect signatures. The issue is still a long way from reaching the ballot.

The group Ohioans for Gun Safety is now collecting signatures for its proposed law to expand background checks on the purchase and transfer of firearms. 

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A gun safety group resubmitted a proposal that could potentially end up on the ballot next year. The group wrote new language for its proposal to expand background checks on people who buy guns at gun shows and online.

The petition calls for Ohio lawmakers to require federally-licensed firearms dealers to conduct nearly all gun sales and transfers expanding background checks and closing the so-called “Gun Show Loophole.”

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A gun safety group that wants to convince Ohio lawmakers to require background checks on nearly all gun sales is not giving up on its effort, though Attorney General Dave Yost rejected its first attempt.  

Yost said the summary of the petition Ohioans for Gun Safety would use to gather signatures was misleading. The group’s Dennis Willard said it will be resubmitted soon. 

Ohio gun laws

Gun rights advocates say a proposal to require nearly all gun sales and transfers to go through federally licensed dealers and to require buyers to undergo background checks won’t have much of an effect on crime.

Dean Rieck with the Buckeye Firearms Association said what backers call the gun show loophole is largely a myth. He said dealers at gun shows face prosecution if they don’t do background checks. And he cites a study showing 1 percent of guns used in crimes came from gun shows or personal transfers.

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A group is kicking off a campaign for expanded background checks for gun sales, which could end up on next year’s ballot. Ohioans for Gun Safety said closing the so-called “Gun Show Loophole” will help keep firearms away from people who are not legally allowed to have them.

The proposed law would require the sale and transfer of a gun to be conducted by a federally-licensed firearms dealer. And that exchange would be conditioned on the person receiving a background check.