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A new national report shows once again, Ohio is in the middle of the pack of all 50 states on taxes, spending and other areas that have an impact on policy – except one.

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Ohio House and Senate negotiators have reached a deal on a $69 billion two-year spending plan. The plan will be up for a vote Wednesday in the full House and Senate. It comes just in time as the current interim budget expires Wednesday.

A bipartisan committee with representatives and senators hashed out what is expected to be the done deal between the two chambers.

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A conservative think tank is weighing-in on the issue of a possible gas tax increase. They say if there is a hike to the tax then they want state leaders to offset that increase by cutting taxes somewhere else. 

Greg Lawson with the Buckeye Institute said there is merit to the gas tax since revenue is strictly tied to infrastructure projects.

Lawson said maintaining the state’s roads and bridges is an important function of government.

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The 2017 Republican tax law changes are in full effect this year, and the average federal tax refund is down nearly 9 percent from a year ago. The law lowers federal withholding paychecks and increases the standard deduction for individuals, but also takes away some deductions. And if taxpayers haven’t adjusted their withholding, they might find themselves with smaller refunds or even owing money this year.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown Talks Taxes, Healthcare

Feb 15, 2019
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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, the subject of much speculation for the 2020 presidential election, took time to chat with WKSU about some of his priorities this week.  The issues included relief for the middle class and healthcare access.

The 2017 Republican Tax Cuts
Legislation Brown is proposing would end the Trump administration’s tax cuts for higher-income Americans – because, Brown says, the tax policy just isn’t trickling down.

Your Voice Ohio Explores Economic Differences Among Ohio Cities

Sep 29, 2018
A photo from the Dayton meeting of Your Voice Ohio.

As a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio now working with news media all over the state, the frequent trips through and around Columbus are both maddening and frightening. Lane shifts, orange barrels and concrete barriers coupled with overturned tankers can make a 20-mile cross-town trip a 90-minute nightmare.

Dan Konik

A panel of lawmakers was asked to look into how the state could transition to a flat tax rate. But they found that the state needs to address a $7 billion question mark first.

The report from the 2020 Tax Policy Study Commission claims a flat tax rate could be beneficial for the state.

But the commission also says a transition would be challenging because of its 120-plus tax expenditures.

The state foregoes $7 billion dollars in revenue a year from these so-called loopholes.

Republican leaders have said a flat tax would reduce taxes and simplify code.