Ohio sentencing laws

Two bills under consideration in the Ohio Legislature would change sentencing for low-level drug crimes to intervention over incarceration. A new study from a liberal leaning think tank shows passing those bills would improve the health of many Ohioans – especially now.

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For the past 10 months, a defendants in traffic cases received sentences higher than allowed under city code. 

In May of last year, the city did a routine update of its traffic codes. But during that process, the administration did not take an important step. Mayor Frank Jackson:

“We failed, meaning us, failed to send to council the second piece of legislation that should have been passed."

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About a quarter of Ohio’s employees work for its prison system. So a shrinking state budget will likely affect that department. But that’s not the only reason the head of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections is pushing for a major overhaul of state sentencing laws.