Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge

a photo of the winners of the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge

University Hospitals and three small companies will be receiving $1 million each for products they created to help fight opioid abuse with technology.  

It’s the final stage of a state-sponsored contest to find new ways to use tech to battle opioid addiction.

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A photo of Yong Pei and Mike O'Connor.

The state’s Third Frontier Commission has announced five winners for ideas and projects it thinks could make a difference in the fight against opioids. It’s the first part of a competition to find technology-based solutions to the opioid crisis.

Wright State University professor Yong Pei came up with glasses that use augmented reality to enhance what a patient senses after surgery.

Dr. Mark Hurst, Ohio Department of Health
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The deadline to submit new-tech ideas to the state of Ohio to fight the opioid crisis is growing near.

The challenge includes $8 million in awards and grants. It kicked-off Oct. 18th, with proposals to be in no later than Dec. 15th. 

Dr. Mark Hurst is medical director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.  He says hundreds of submissions are already in and the best of those, and of the hundreds more that are expected, will receive awards.