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Candidates for Ohio governor both fielded questions on Thursday from Ohio students in Cleveland about helping young people get jobs.


Ohio has lost about 367,000 goods-producing jobs since 2000, which were mostly held by citizens with a high school education. Automation can seem like a real threat, for 80 percent of the Ohio population without a college degree.

Timken Steel, Canton Ohio
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Northeast Ohio is second among the nation’s largest metro areas in the percentage of its workforce employed in headquarters jobs. That’s according to an economic development organization focused on job creation in the region.

The Team NEO report shows 187,000 people in Northeast Ohio working at business headquarters or for related professional services. The number has increased by 25,000 people in the past decade and a half. 

photo of Dan Ramos

Studies show in the near future, about two-thirds of Ohio’s jobs will require some college or skilled vocational training. But the cost of getting that education often leaves Ohioans with thousands of dollars in student loans that hinder their buying power and ability to succeed financially.

Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos says he pays a couple of hundred dollars each month on student loans. The 36-year-old lawmaker says he’s not alone.

Construction Jobs Grow in Ohio

Feb 7, 2018
photo of construction equipment

Construction was among the industries that saw the most job growth in Ohio last year. That's according to state employment data published today by the U-S Labor Department. 

When it comes to Ohio industries, manufacturing gets a lot of the attention. And those jobs did grow by about 1.5 percent.