Ohio Governor's Race

photo of Betty Sutton
Flickr/Progress Ohio

Less than a week after the first official Democratic candidate for governor announced his intentions, a second Democrat has announced she’s jumping into the race too.

Betty Sutton is a former three term member of congress from Northeast Ohio but she wants to be the first woman elected Governor.

photo of Rep. Tim Ryan

One of the Democrats often mentioned as a possible candidate for governor in 2018 says he won’t be running. That decision may bring a flood of candidates forward.

Youngstown-area Congressman Tim Ryan says he believes the best way to serve his community is to stay where he is and continue working on issues that affect middle-class Ohioans.

16th District Congressman Jim Renacci
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The field of Republicans eyeing a possible run for governor is continuing to grow. Three statewide officials have already started raising money for their campaigns. A lesser-known candidate who might appeal to the far-right is also considering a run.

Northeast Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci says he believes there are too many career politicians around the country. The former management company owner says that’s why he joined Congress and why he’s weighing his options on a possible run for governor.

photo of William O'Neill

The only Democrat serving in statewide office says he’ll spend this year deciding if he wants to run for governor next year. 

O’Neill says he’ll make a decision to leave office and run or remain on the bench next January, or if Ohio’s former attorney general and current head of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does sooner.

photo of Nina Turner

Some backers of Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are turning their eyes to Ohio’s gubernatorial race in 2018. As Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, the group is focusing on Ohio's most-prominent Sanders' backer, Nina Turner.

One of the activists with Ohio Revolution, a group that backed Sanders, wants former state lawmaker Nina Turner to run for governor. Puja Datta is working to draft Turner, saying the former state senator from Cleveland is just what the Democratic party needs right now.