Ohio governors race

Voting booth at a polling place

The Labor Day weekend is traditionally considered the true start of campaign season. Now that we're past that, the campaigns are intensifying.  It's the time when voters are more likely to pay attention to the choices they will be making in November.

One person who keeps tabs on what’s going on year-round in the world of politics is longtime political watcher and political reporter for WVXU in Cincinnati Howard Wilkinson.

photo of Rich Cordray

As the candidates for governor gear up for the final push for votes this fall, the Democrat in the race continues to be criticized by many political pundits for being too dry and nerdy. Now, Rich Cordray himself is launching a social media campaign to capitalize on that image.

Many people know Cordray was a five-time champion of the "Jeopardy" game show back in 1987. And for those who don’t, Cordray’s campaign is putting out ads on social media that pose trivia questions to someone walking down the street then he answers. 

photo of Rich Cordray and Mike DeWine

The latest campaign fundraising numbers for statewide candidates in 2018 are in, and there is good news for both Republicans and Democrats.

Campaign filings at the end of July show Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray raised $2.7 million. Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine raised about $2.4 million.

photo of Ohio Department of Medicaid

The debate over how the major party candidates for governor feel about Medicaid expansion launched into an examination of exactly who are the 700,000 Ohioans in that expansion population and who are not included.

photo of Nan Whaley

This week has been one long series of candidate shuffling, as Democratic and Republican contenders for governor have either joined forces with other candidates or moved to another race. One candidate has now dropped out completely.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley is ending her campaign and throwing her support behind Rich Cordray.