Ohio farms

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David Giffels believes the journey to understanding America begins with Ohio. Traveling around the state, the Akron-based writer is working on a new book ahead of next year’s election.

A photo of a flooded farm field

The state is giving farmers another opportunity to apply for loans as they deal with severe weather and flooding that has kept many farmers from planting their crops.

The Ohio Treasurer’s Office is reopening its Ag-LINK program which can grant farmers up to $150,000 in loans.

The program usually operates between January and March, but Treasurer Robert Sprague said this can help those struggling with flooding.

FDA inspectors
FDA website

Inspectors enforcing the federal Food Safety Modernization Act will soon be coming to produce farms across the country.  That’s why the Ohio Agriculture Department, which will actually be staffing the local inspections, is offering free “consulting” to help area farmers get ready for those visits. 

The Food Safety law was passed in 2011 to prevent food contamination. Because of its complexity, it’s being rolled out in stages.