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Ohio has a new tool to detect bogus claims by the few people who try to scam the state for unemployment checks each year. 

The state uses new hire reports from employers, cross matches with prison and jail records and other government documents to try to detect fraud. Bret Crowe with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services says it’s adding another tool by partnering with a national data hub.

“By searching for matching data used in fraud claims in other states,” Crowe said. “So, we are tied into a national database of unemployment claims.”

Ohio Plans To Increase Payments To Relatives Caring For Kids

Oct 23, 2019

Ohio plans to increase payments to approved relatives caring for children who were taken from their parents even when the family members aren't licensed caregivers, as more kids are being removed from their homes amid the opioid crisis.

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The Trump administration wants to cut food stamp benefits for about 3 million Americans. 

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, said taking away the ability of states to automatically enroll residents who receive welfare benefits is a bad idea.

“Why is it that the Trump administration is so hellbent on making the lives of the poor even more miserable? It’s beyond me,” she said.

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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced a bill that would expand support for grandparents raising their grandchildren due to the opioid crisis.

The Family First Transition and Support Act calls for additional funds for kinship support services, which helps with things like transportation and childcare.

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Ohio’s jobless rate was up a little bit last month. But there’s good news in the new report too.

Ohio’s unemployment rate in July inched up slightly from 4.5 percent in June to 4.6 percent in July. And that puts the state’s jobless rate at one-half a point higher than the national unemployment rate. 

But that being said, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services said the state actually gained 7,600 jobs in July in manufacturing, construction, educational and health services, and in leisure and hospitality.  

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The jobless rate fell last month, but the state also lost jobs.

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Last year was a hard one in a category that nearly every politician talks about and nearly every election hinges on: the economy. And specifically, it was a tough year for job growth in Ohio.

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Ohio’s jobless rate ticked up slightly last month. 

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reports September’s jobless rate was 4.8 percent, up a 0.1 percent from August.  

Government, construction, hospitality, manufacturing and the health-care industries lost more than 3,000 jobs, but around the same number were added in the finance sector.

But even with the uptick, Ohio’s jobless rate remains below the nation’s unemployment rate of 5 percent, and a full point above its all-time low from April 2001.

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Changes in the rules involving preschool funding in Ohio have caught the attention of a state lawmaker. 

Democratic Rep. Teresa Fedor says nearly 4,000 Ohio preschoolers will be affected by a new rule that says state-funded schools cannot get federal funding through Head Start, which means those schools will lose $12 million dollars.