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Cases of the flu are plaguing Ohioans throughout the state, and hospitalizations are soaring.

The Ohio Department of Health’s Melanie Amato says there’s been a 470 percent increase in hospitalizations related to the flu.

“At this time last year, we had only seen about 369 total hospitalizations.  ... This year, we are at 2,104,” she said.

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There has been another death from bacterial meningitis is Tuscarawas County, the second in two weeks.  But, the cases do not appear to be related.

Tuscarawas County Health Commissioner Katie Seward says there is no known connection between the latest victim--whose identity is not yet being released—and 14-year-old Ryan Freedland of Port Washington, who died Dec. 15th. 


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State rep. Christian Hagan talks to reporters
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Some companies, especially those in the healthcare fields, require their employees to get flu shots each year. A newly released bill would make that requirement, for anyone, illegal.  

Republican Representative Christina Hagan says she hears from Ohioans who have been in their fields for decades, especially those in medical careers, who continue to lose their jobs or be penalized because they refuse to get a flu vaccine. She says there’s no good reason for any employer to require employees to get the shot.

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A new scam that is prompting Ohioans to reveal personal information, thinking they are providing it to the health department. But that’s not the case.

Melanie Amato with the Ohio Department of Health says the scammers are using caller ID-spoofing technology to make calls appear to be from legitimate health departments.

“They’re asking for account numbers, Social Security numbers, a mother's maiden name, passwords or any other identifying information," Amato says.

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Ohio’s state government is reaching outside Columbus as Gov. John Kasich prepares to deliver his annual State of the State speech tomorrow in Sandusky.

This is the sixth time Kasich has moved the governor’s State of the State speech out of Columbus. The administration says it's a way of bringing state government to the people.

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Ohio lawmakers are pushing a bill they think will reduce opioid overdose deaths by setting prescribing guidelines for doctors and dentists.

Every day in Ohio, eight people die from opioid overdoses, according to the latest data from the Ohio Department of Health. And each day, 84 infants are treated for drug withdrawal in Ohio hospitals. Some Republicans are hoping a bill they are sponsoring will lower those numbers.

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Ohio Department of Health

The director of the Ohio Department of Health is resigning.


Rick Hodges has led the state health Department since 2014, when he replaced Dr. Ted Wymyslo.

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The Ohio Department of Health reports the flu is now widespread throughout the state. 

The state says there were 287 new cases of confirmed flu associated hospitalizations across Ohio during the first week of January. That makes the flu widespread, as it is in most states at this point.

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A decision by the Ohio Department of Health to order a Dayton-area abortion clinic to shut down is drawing criticism and praise. Abortion opponents say it’s a step in the right direction, but supporters of legal abortion say it is politically motivated over-reach by a state agency.

NARAL Pro Choice Ohio’s Gabriel Mann condemns the decision by the Ohio Department of Health to revoke an operating license for a Dayton area abortion clinic. 

“Well, this definitely appears to be a witch hunt,” he said.

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  The Ohio Department of Health has heard the case of whether to close down one of the only two abortion clinics operating in southwest Ohio. 

Last fall the state threatened to order clinics in Kettering and Cincinnati to shut down because they’re violating a 2013 law requiring they have written transfer agreements with local hospitals. The attorney for the Kettering clinic is Jennifer Branch.

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  UPDATE: The Ohio Department of Health now says a second case of Zika has been diagnosed in Ohio. That case case involves a 21-year-old Stark County man also returning from Haiti. The two cases are not linked.

A statement from the health department's medical director Dr. Mary DiOrio says, "Given the number of travelers between Ohio and Zika virus-affected countries, it would not be a surprise to see more cases."