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The Ohio Department of Education has released its report cards for more than 600 school districts across the state.  Twenty-eight districts received an overall letter grade of A. Fourteen were stamped with the letter F.   It’s the first time overall letter grades were given to school districts.

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The Ohio Department of Education will release report cards on the state’s more than 600 school districts this week. Meanwhile, a Republican lawmaker is still pushing a bill that would once again overhaul the report card system, saying those simple-to-understand letters are hiding essential information about schools. 


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State education leaders have a new policy they say will ensure student success.  But it involves doing some basic things many schools and teachers already do – focusing on individual students’ needs. It is meant to de-emphasize required standardized testing.


The state’s 2018 Teacher of the Year, Jonathan Juravich, helped develop the new policy that focuses less on teaching information that could be on state standardized tests and more on meeting the needs of individual students.

Of the 600 plus public school districts in Ohio, more than three-quarters have open enrollment policies. That means they accept and educate students who live outside of their district boundaries.

Open enrollment was implemented by state lawmakers nearly 30 years ago to increase options for parents and students, an early example of school choice. For some districts, it’s creating financial hardship and new instances of segregation.

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