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It’s been another week of closed businesses, self-quarantine and “Wine with DeWine” in Ohio. And another week of changes in the state’s battle against coronavirus. Here are answers to questions you've submitted to OH Really?

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Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has rejected language for a potential ballot issue on voting.

The group behind the initiative to expand and solidify voter rights said they remain committed to the issue.

The petition language for what's known as the "Secure and Fair Elections Amendment" was turned down by the AG's office, stating that the summary itself was longer than the actual amendment.

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This story was originally published on June 4, 2019.

Ohio suspended the driver’s licenses of more than 1 million people, many of whom can’t afford to get those licenses back. But that doesn’t mean they’re not on the road. So until July 31, the state is offering a limited amnesty. On paper, it looks like Ohio is forgiving $500 million dollars in reinstatement penalties. But, advocates see it as a crucial investment in people, jobs and community.  

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State officials tested out a new online check-in system in one of the places that tends to get the biggest complaints about long waits – the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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A lawsuit has been filed against the state for overcharging some Ohioans who have recently purchased driver’s licenses or state identification cards.  

Former Attorney General Marc Dann has filed suit against the state, saying deputy registrars at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles have been charging people a $1.50 lamination fee even though registrars no longer produce or laminate driver’s licenses or state identification cards on site.

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At the end of this week (Jan. 7), Ohio is closing the six regional centers where people have gone to have their driver’s licenses reinstated. But as WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, they have hundreds of other options.


The Ohio House has approved a bill to establish a program that would alert police if they are dealing with a person with a communication disability.

The voluntary program would be handled by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The BMV would include the information in the database that police use to look up license-plate information.

Drivers with disabilities would have to submit a form with their physician’s signature.

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 If you have an Ohio driver’s license but are not registered to vote, you should be getting something in your mailbox soon from Ohio’s elections chief. 

Secretary of State Jon Husted says the state’s voter rolls are now linked with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles database, so he’s able to make sure Ohio drivers can be voters if they want.

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A state agency that most Ohioans use is finally allowing a feature that was adopted long ago by most businesses.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is now allowing Ohioans to use credit cards when they buy plates for their cars, renew registrations or do other business with the agency.

Until recently, the agency only accepted cash or checks because it didn’t have the capability to pass along the credit card fees for the transactions.