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Northeast Ohio is facing a labor shortage. That’s according to a report from Team NEO analyzing supply and demand in Northeast Ohio’s labor Market.

Team NEO’s Vice President of Strategy and Research Jacob Duritsky said the demand for health care, nursing and manufacturing jobs outweighs the number of qualified people entering the workforce.

“In those key sectors of the economy, we aren’t pushing enough students out of our programs into those fields where really good opportunity exists,” Duritsky said.

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A new bill at the Statehouse would put limits on the number of patients one registered nurse can care for.

State Sen. Michael Skindell, a Lakewood Democrat, says the goal is to make sure registered nurses aren’t caring for more patients than they can handle at one time.

“Nurse-to-patient ratios are based on the seriousness of the condition being treated or medical procedure being performed. Ohio currently has no limits on how many patients a nurse can care for at any one time.”