North Carolina

Updated at 5:20 a.m. ET Saturday

Tropical Storm Florence is still a slow-moving giant that poses danger to people in North and South Carolina, as its storm surge and intense rains bring high floodwaters to towns both on the coast and inland.

The storm has been linked to at least five deaths, a toll that is expected to climb.

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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, June 29:

photo of Sen. Rob Portman

The federal departments of Justice and Education released a memo last week recommending schools allow students to use bathroom facilities that match their gender identity. StateImpact Ohio’s Michelle Faust reports Ohio’s Republican senator disagrees with the Obama administration’s approach -- and with the North Carolina law that spawned it.

John Becker

  A conservative Ohio lawmaker says he’s considering introducing a bill that would ban gender neutral bathrooms throughout the state. 

Republican Rep. John Becker says he’s hearing from constituents who tell him they think the state needs a law against unisex bathrooms in public places. He says he’s looking into what legislation, if any, is needed.