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memorial service for Dayton shooting victims

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NEXUS construction
Enbridge, Inc. (parent firm of NEXUS) /

The NEXUS pipeline is beginning to carry natural gas through parts of Summit County. With that in mind the county is working to be better prepared for potential leaks, accidents, or other problems.

Council passed an ordinance authorizing some of the tax dollars coming into the county from NEXUS to be earmarked for training and equipment.  Councilwoman Gloria Rodgers in on the Public Works Committee. “There’s about four million dollars in taxes dispersed among the communities. The County’s share is a hundred thousand.”

photo of Pipeline

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Photo of the Stark County Courthouse

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The city of Green is hoping to reopen a section of S. Arlington Road by Friday after construction of the Nexus Pipeline caused part of it to collapse.

City engineer Paul Pickett says a boring machine caused the incident. He says that any underground project might run into problems like this, especially when soil conditions are unknown.

Photo of University of Akron

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photo of Natural Gas Pipeline

The caretakers of a sensitive wetland in Summit County are responding to the deal reached this week between the city of Green and a gas pipeline company.

The settlement with Nexus Gas Transmission allows for the resumption of construction of a pipeline through 1.3 acres of Singer Lake Bog.

The largest prehistoric bog in Ohio was purchased by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in 1999.

Green and NEXUS Make Peace

Feb 8, 2018
Green City Council chamber
Tim Rudell / WKSU

Green City Council voted 4-3 Wednesday night to settle with the builders of the NEXUS natural gas pipeline. 

Council was split over pulling the plug on the fight against NEXUS and accepting a seven and a half million dollar settlement, but speakers in the public comment part of the council meeting were not. All but one criticized the deal, many on practical grounds.  Like Jane Karl of New Franklin.  “Do you have a safety net built in when you determine that they have lied to you, so that you can back out of this agreement? 

The City of Green had hoped to get the NEXUS natural gas pipeline routed elsewhere.  However it is dropping its legal challenges to the project as part of a proposed settlement. 

Green has four lawsuits pending against NEXUS Gas Transmission, and won a temporary stay of pipeline work.  But the litigation hasn’t been going well for the city and the stay was expected to be lifted.  So, when NEXUS made a settlement offer, the city’s lawyers advised Mayor Gerard Neugebauer to take it.

Kevin McIntyre newly appointed Chairman of The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The final say on building interstate pipelines, like the controversial NEXUS and ROVER natural gas lines across northern Ohio, rests with FERC—the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  And it’s newly appointed chairman has come on board saying it’s time to review the agency’s pipeline policies. WKSU's Tim Rudell reports.

Kevin McIntyre announced the review at his first meeting as Chairman of FERC.  Noting that the last review was in 1999, he said a fresh look at all issues is needed. 

picture of execution bed

NOTE: The story about the execution of an ill death row inmate has been updated. Alva Campbell Jr.'s execution was delayed after officials could not find a suitable vein for the lethal injection.

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FERC Approves Construction of Nexus Pipline in Ohio

Oct 12, 2017
photo of Pipeline

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave final authorization Wednesday to begin construction of the Nexus gas pipeline through northern Ohio. Communities along the way have tried to stop or re-route the pipeline and lawsuits are still pending.   

FERC Has Two New Commissioners

Aug 5, 2017
Alan Wenger

The Senate has confirmed Trump Administration nominees to fill two of four vacant seats on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That gives FERC enough members for a quorum--meaning it can to do official business again.  Resignations, term expirations and an appointment backlog at the White House left FERC with too few members for major action for six months.

Ohio Groups Oppose President Trump's FERC Nominees

Jul 4, 2017
photo of a Pipeline link

Local groups in Ohio and across the natural-gas-producing areas of the northeast are pressing for a rejection of President Trump’s nominees to the federal agency that oversees interstate pipeline projects. As WCPN's Matt Richmond reports for Ohio Public Radio, if approved, the nominees would restore a quorum at the agency, allowing it to resume issuing permits.

For years, opponents of the proposed NEXUS pipeline across Ohio have been mounting legal challenges to block the multi-billion dollar project. Now, a northeast Ohio opposition group is getting some help with the legal costs from an area city. 

Green is giving CORN -- the Coalition to Reroute NEXUS -- $10,000 to help it pursue a lawsuit against the federal agency that would approve NEXUS.

photo of FERC

The NEXUS gas pipeline is not a done deal, but a federal environmental impact statement issued on Wednesday helps clear the way for the project’s construction.

The NEXUS gas pipeline could have some negative environmental effects, but mitigation measures could reduce the impact to “less than significant levels.” That’s according to the final environmental impact statement issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 

The proposed natural gas pipeline stretches across more than 255 miles from eastern Ohio through Stark, Medina and Lorain counties and into Michigan.

Public Comment Sought on Nexus Pipeline Route

Aug 15, 2016
photo of Natural Gas Pipeline

Meetings that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are now using to gather public comment on the controversial Nexus natural gas pipeline project in northern Ohio are themselves drawing controversy. 

photo of Pipeline

The NEXUS pipeline proposed for northern Ohio got mostly, though not entirely, good news in the latest report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  That’s an agency that must give it’s OK before the project can go forward.  

Ohio EPA Gets Public Input On Rover Pipeline

Jun 17, 2016
Ohio EPA Public Hearing Wooster
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The Ohio EPA is gathering public input on the proposed Rover natural gas pipeline across northern Ohio. The agency is focusing on compressor stations needed along the transmission system.

The EPA is holding hearings in communities near the planned pumping stations for Rover, which will run from Columbiana County to Michigan. 

At a meeting in Wooster -- the third session of five this month -- Kathie Jones of Medina asked the EPA's  Mike Hopkins  if it’s true that Rover will be ‘self-monitoring’ its emissions.  

Photo of proposed NEXUS pipeline route

A new study commissioned by the City of Green says that routing the NEXUS pipeline through the city would cost $123 million in property and income taxes over the next 50 years.

The study conducted by Cleveland State University focused on the fiscal and economic impact the pipeline would have on the city’s schools, businesses and day-to-day operations.

Photo of proposed NEXUS pipeline route

The 9th District Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments Tuesday from Medina County residents and the company behind the NEXUS pipeline.

The arguments will focus on whether or not NEXUS needs permission from landowners to enter their property for surveying purposes.

The hearing comes less than a year after a Medina County judge ruled in favor of the company.

Diagram of a compressor

The Ohio EPA has scheduled a public information meeting and hearing in Wadsworth to examine an especially controversial part of the NEXUS pipeline project. 

The session has to do with plans for a natural-gas compressor station near Wadsworth to boost flow in the proposed NEXUS pipeline across northern Ohio. Such stations typically occupy 20 acres or more and raise concerns about emissions and environmental impact on nearby areas.