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States in the Ohio River basin will be able to choose whether or not to follow pollution control standards set by the Ohio River Water Sanitation Commission. ORSANCO's board of directors approved the change at a meeting in Covington Thursday morning.

photo of carbon emissions

The Trump Administration is touting a new report that shows a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions nationwide. But Ohio environmental advocates say the celebration will be short-lived because of President Trump’s new policies.

Medina County Certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat

Oct 8, 2018
David Mizejewski / NWF

The National Wildlife Federation has certified Medina County as a “Community Wildlife Habitat.”

Wildlife Federation regional manager Manja Holland says the Community Wildlife program requires applicants to either create or restore a wildlife habitat and offer educational programs and outreach. Habitats are often found at schools, churches, and public parks. Points are awarded for each area certified as a habitat. Medina County earned the certificate by accumulating 1,000 points. 

photo of Lake Erie algae

A new study from an environmental group says summer fun, as we know it, is changing. Traditional summer activities, like going to the beach or even catching a ballgame, are now under threat by climate change.

Frank Szollosi works on clean Great Lakes issues for the National Wildlife Federation. He said a new study should cause a sense of urgency.

“Some of our most iconic summer experiences are at risk, if we don’t confront climate change,” he said.

Trump's 2019 Budget Would Slash Great Lakes Funding

Feb 13, 2018
photo of Lake Erie

President Trump’s 2019 budget outline proposes drastic cuts to Great Lakes funding again. But the region's political forces are vowing to fight back.

The Trump budget would cut Great Lakes funding by 90 percent -- to just $30 million.  The money is used for projects like cleaning up pollution, protecting wildlife and rebuilding wetlands.

Drilling Rig
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The federal tax overhaul Congress passed earlier this month includes a provision that has many environmental advocates concerned.

The tax bill included a provision that lifted the ban on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to rare species such as muskoxen, arctic wolves and caribou.

Collin O’Mara with the National Wildlife Federation says there’s popular support for protecting ANWR, and he fears Congress will start chipping away at environmental concerns through provisions in bigger bills.

Lake Erie algal bloom

Environmental groups have filed a federal lawsuit, accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of violating the Clean Water Act.

The lawsuit involves a dispute over whether Lake Erie should be classified as an impaired waterway