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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Jan. 30:

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Here are your morning headlines for Monday, Jan. 27:

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Nearly two dozen groups and individuals are asking Ohio’s top elections official for a list of voters who could be dropped from the rolls this fall, so they can try to get them re-registered. 

Republican Sec. of State Frank LaRose said county boards of elections have sent him their lists of inactive voters. He’ll create a statewide list for people who want to find voters who are in danger of being dropped.

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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, December 11:

Former Cuyahoga County Jail inmates and their advocates described their experiences with the facility at a meeting in Cleveland’s Kinsman neighborhood Thursday night.

The city’s NAACP chapter, civil rights attorneys and others organized the meeting at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in response to a U.S. Marshals Service report from November, which found inhumane jail conditions that violated inmates’ constitutional rights.

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Groups representing low-income people are calling on state regulators to reject AT&T’s plan to drop out of a federal program that helps over 10,000 of its Ohio customers afford telephone service.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Ohio Poverty Law Center and the Alliance for Retired Americans are among those defending the Lifeline program, which offers a credit that covers a quarter of the $36 average monthly cost of a landline telephone.

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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, Jan. 23:

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It too more than 24 hours to arraign 17 people arrested Wednesday after a flag burning protest got out of hand near the Q.

The National Lawyers Guild of Ohio says the court didn’t receive the charging paperwork, causing the delay. 

Those taken into police custody are facing numerous charges including failure to disperse and resisting arrest.

Attorney Gordon Friedman working on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild and NAACP says the people charged with misdemeanors should not have spent a night in jail.

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is calling for a number of reforms to the country's criminal justice system.  She spoke before the NAACP's national convention in Cincinnati today.

Hillary Clinton spoke a day after three police officers were killed in Baton Rouge. Investigators believe the attack and another that killed five officers in Dallas, were prompted by the deaths of two men during contacts with police in Louisiana and Minnesota. Clinton says the deaths show that things need to change.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich has condemned the slayings of police officers in an appearance at the NAACP national convention in Cincinnti on Sunday.

Governor Kasich spoke to the nation's oldest civil rights organization hours after three officers were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the latest violence involving police across the country.

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While the Republican National Convention in Cleveland is in the spotlight right now, there’s another convention in Ohio that is also attracting attention from political leaders. 

The leader of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. Alicia Reece, says her group is holding its caucus in Cincinnati today and tomorrow. Then on Sunday, when the Ohio convention ends, the NAACP’s national convention will begin in the Queen City and will host the Democratic party’s presidential candidate on Monday.