Melissa Cropper

photo of Gov. John Kasich

A new bill signed into law by Gov. John Kasich is changing the way teachers are evaluated in Ohio.

A union representing some teachers says The Public School Deregulation Act is a move in the right direction.

photo of the U.S. Supreme Court

More than 100,000 Ohio teachers who are members of their local unions could soon feel the impact of a U.S. Supreme Court decision Wednesday.

The 5-4 decision ends the practice of charging nonunion workers’ agency fees in union workplaces in the public sector. Those fees cover the cost of negotiating contracts or representing employees in grievances, services unions offer to all employees in the workplaces where they operate.

Akron Public Schools Announcement

As Republican Congressional leaders work to merge their two versions of the federal tax overhaul, an Ohio teachers’ group says a small provision in those bills would have a big impact on local teachers. 

The House proposal -- approved before the Thanksgiving holiday -- wipes out a $250 tax deduction for teachers. The deduction helps them recoup what they spend annually on classroom supplies like books or crayons, says Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper.

OFT president Melissa Cropper


Both presidents of Ohio’s leading teachers’ unions are representing the state at the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia. 

Melissa Cropper and Becky Higgins are Ohio delegates supporting Hillary Clinton at the DNC.

Both say they agree with the former secretary of state’s support of early childhood education, educator training, and public schools.

Cropper is president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers.