Medina County

David Mizejewski / NWF

The National Wildlife Federation has certified Medina County as a “Community Wildlife Habitat.”

Wildlife Federation regional manager Manja Holland says the Community Wildlife program requires applicants to either create or restore a wildlife habitat and offer educational programs and outreach. Habitats are often found at schools, churches, and public parks. Points are awarded for each area certified as a habitat. Medina County earned the certificate by accumulating 1,000 points. 

photo of Ohio State Fair

Here are your morning headlines for Monday, September 10:

  • Second victim dies following 2017  Ohio State Fair ride accident;
  • Chippewa Lake under algae bloom advisory;
  • Heavy rainfall causes closures, cancellations;
  • Officials continue to investigate Cincinnati shooter's motive;
  • State medical marijuana program officially misses Sept. 8 deadline;
  • Ohio Statehouse to hold annual ghostly celebration;

Second victim dies following 2017  Ohio State Fair ride accident

Family photo of Tamir Rice
Family of Tamir Rice

Here are your morning headlines for Friday, June 15:

photo of Chippewa Rail Trail

Medina County Commissioners are to vote Tuesday on a proposal that could lead to signs for the county’s network of bike paths.

The commissioners will decide whether to adopt the county engineer’s new map of the bike paths. Once it’s official, County Commissioner Tim Smith says they can apply to the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency for funds to buy signs for the paths. At least 600 are needed, and they cost $150 each.

Photo of proposed NEXUS pipeline route

The 9th District Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments Tuesday from Medina County residents and the company behind the NEXUS pipeline.

The arguments will focus on whether or not NEXUS needs permission from landowners to enter their property for surveying purposes.

The hearing comes less than a year after a Medina County judge ruled in favor of the company.