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photo of Rich Cordray and Mike DeWine

The Republican and the Democrat running for governor are laying out their plans for how to help children succeed. Both Mike DeWine and Rich Cordray say it all begins before the kids are even born. However Cordray sees one clear difference between his take and that of his opponent.

photo of Rich Cordray

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rich Cordray brought his campaign to Springfield and Cincinnati Monday. In Cincinnati he met with Hamilton County health-care professionals largely focused on reducing infant mortality.

"We have an infant-mortality crisis in the state of Ohio where we are one of the worst states in the nation and particularly bad in the African-American community for newborn babies dying at rates far exceeding the national average," he said.

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Photo of John Kasich
JO INGLES / WKSU public radio

Gov. John Kasich has signed the new two-year $2.6 billion capital budget at the site of a planned mental and behavioral health hospital in Columbus. The hospital is one of the investments included in that spending plan. But Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, Kasich issued a warning of sorts, too.

Kasich said his decision to expand Medicaid has allowed many Ohioans to get addiction and mental health treatment. And he urged continuation of that program once he leaves office.

photo of Save Medicaid rally

Medicaid expansion is one of Republican Gov. John Kasich’s signature accomplishments, but it’s likely to be gone if either his lieutenant governor or the attorney general is elected to replace him. And that would create a crisis for some 700,000 Ohioans in Medicaid expansion, most of whom are chronically ill or drug addicted. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler asked both Republicans about their plans.