May 4th Visitor's Center

Fragments of May 4: A Photo of the Friend Who Always Had a Smile on Her Face

Apr 27, 2020
A photo of the picture Marty Levick took of Sandy Scheuer a few weeks before the May 4 shootings.

For Marty Levick, the photograph he donated to the May 4th exhibit was a treasure. It showed his dear friend Sandy Scheuer as the person she truly was—a happy, kind and caring girl who always had a smile on her face.

photo of Laura Davis, Chic Canfora, Beverly Warren

Kent State University will be taking control of the school’s annual commemorations of the May 4, 1970 shootings – a move being applauded by the group formed to raise awareness of what happened that day.

The May 4 Task Force was founded in 1975 after the university said it would cease commemorations of the shootings that left four people dead and nine wounded.

picture of May 4th Visitor's Center, Kent State University
Kent State University

Mindy Farmer is the director of the May 4 Visitors Center and an assistant professor of history.  Previously she served as the founding education specialist at the federal non-partisan Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum where she oversaw the Library's education and public programming.  

She holds a doctorate from The Ohio State University.