Maureen Corcoran

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The director of Ohio Medicaid says her agency is dealing with big problems and could face huge fines from the federal government if they’re not fixed. And she’s pointing to the administration of former Gov. John Kasich for creating and not handling those mistakes. 

The memo is scathing. Medicaid director Maureen Corcoran uses words such as “inadequate”, “unacceptable”, “poorly implemented” and a “mess” to describe what she inherited after being appointed by former Gov. John Kasich’s fellow Republican and successor Mike DeWine.

photo of maureen corcoran

Ohio’s Medicaid program has rolled out a new tool that's meant to help cut down on confusion when it comes to prescription drugs.

The state is hoping a new drug list will help improve communication between patients, doctors and pharmacists.

Ohio Medicaid has released what's known as the Unified Preferred Drug List, which names all the preferred medications under Medicaid, using both the brand and generic names.

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The state is starting the process that will eventually require thousands of Ohioans in Medicaid expansion to work 20 hours a week or lose their benefits, after getting permission from the federal government earlier this year. But advocates for Medicaid expansion still have big concerns about how this will work and how many people will be kicked out of the program.

Ohio Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran said no one’s just going to get a letter saying they’ve lost their health care through Medicaid expansion.

Federal regulators have asked the state to work on resolving its backlog of more than 70,000 applications from poor and disabled Ohioans seeking Medicaid benefits, according to the state's Medicaid director.