Matt Gray


Our climate is rapidly changing. 

Recent studies show earth could be entering a period of warming not seen since the end of the age of dinosaurs.

That is, if current trends continue.

In this week’s Exploradio, we look at local climate research and local plans to help prevent the effects of a warming planet.

Photo of the Illuminating Company
The Illuminating Company

Cleveland residents who are customers of The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company will receive their electricity from a new supplier in June, meaning cheaper rates.

Cleveland City Council approved a deal this week with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, an energy aggregator commonly known as NOPEC.

Picture of downtown Cleveland

Cleveland is taking issue with a study from a group affiliated with the United Nations that says Northeast Ohio's largest city is one of the least sustainable big cities in the country.

The study by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network ranked the city 99th out of the 100 most-populated cities. The report takes into account poverty, unemployment and high CO2 emissions.