Larry Obhof

Ohio Senate / Ohio Senate

The Republican leader of the Ohio Senate says he’s confident that new central Ohio Congressman Troy Balderson will win in November, even as he’s announcing that Balderson’s replacement in the Senate won’t be picked until after the election.

President Larry Obhof says resumes from those who want to fill Balderson’s Senate seat will be accepted until November 16.

photo of Senate President Larry Obhof

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on union laws caused a national stir and sent a shock wave to labor groups in Ohio.

Some Republican lawmakers have been trying to pass bills around unions and collective bargaining for years. According to the top Senate leader, now they no longer have to.

Several so-called “Right to Work” bills have been proposed since a collective bargaining reform law was overturned in 2011.

These are measures that would make it illegal to require an employee to pay union dues in order to work.

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The Ohio House has cancelled its sessions while the Republican caucus tries to settle on who will replace Speaker Cliff Rosenberger. He resigned in April amid an FBI inquiry into his associations with lobbyists. But House Democrats and the Republican leader of the Ohio Senate say they are not going to step into the fight.

photo of Kasich, Rosenberger and Obhof

Gov. John Kasich has been urging lawmakers to pass a bill that would put a red-flag law in place to prevent people deemed dangerous by a court from buying guns. It would also ban bump stock attachments for guns and make other reforms. But despite the Republican governor's support, it appears it won’t be easy to get it passed through the GOP-dominated Legislature.

A photo of the Senate chamber on the first day of session, January 2017.

The Republican leader of Ohio’s Senate says the short-term goals of his caucus have been accomplished. But some lawmakers disagree.

Senate President Larry Obhof says senators have passed the items that are important to them and are ready to go on break for the summer.

“On the priorities that we set out, we’ve tried as much as possible that we could get those done.”