Lake Erie

photo of Gibraltar Island

New funding from the state will help researchers better examine environmental problems in Lake Erie.

Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory plans to build a $1.9 million laboratory on Gibraltar Island near Put-In-Bay and use additional funds for cutting-edge new equipment.

The money comes from the Clean Lake 2020 law passed by state legislators in July.

Stone Lab director Christopher Winslow says the technology will be used to monitor the lake and study issues like harmful algal blooms. He says it’s not just Stone Lab researchers who will benefit from the new lab space.


Here are your morning headlines for Friday, October 5:

Leedco wind farm

Developers planning a power-generating wind farm in Lake Erie are preparing to take their case to Columbus later this month.

Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation-or LEEDCo—wants to erect six wind turbines in the lake, ten miles offshore. The turbines would generate enough electricity to power 7,000 homes.   

Football is the image of extracurriculars in Ohio

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  • University of Akron's cancelled football opener puts money in limbo;
  • Heat closes dozens of NE Ohio schools;
  • New Columbus entertainment complex sparks debate;
  • Toledo Zoo plans to revive a nearly-extinct species;
  • Lorain teen sentenced to 30 days in jail for bringing gun to school;
  • Columbus to host 2020 Gay Softball World Series;

University of Akron's cancelled football opener puts money in limbo