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Ohio’s reliably red 7th Congressional District will remain that way with Republican Bob Gibbs winning his fifth-consecutive term despite a well-funded challenge from Democrat Ken Harbaugh.

Bob Gibbs performance didn’t quite match the win Donald Trump chalked up in the 7th two years ago, but his nearly 20-point edge was convincing by any measure. Gibbs said the nation and his district have seen unprecedented economic growth in the last two years, and the nation is “safer and stronger.”


At the only debate in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District race, the candidates collided on the expected issues: health care, tax cuts and national security. But the killing of 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh last week came up as well.

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At the only debate in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District race, the candidates collided on the expected issues: healthcare, tax cuts and national security. But the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting also came up. 

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Ohio’s 7th Congressional District runs solidly red through a wide swath of largely rural northeast and central Ohio. But for the first time, a well-funded Democratic opponent with a compelling personal story is taking on the GOP incumbent.


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One of the possible contenders in the 2020 presidential race was in Northeast Ohio over the weekend to drum up support for Rich Cordray in the race for governor.

“This is not actually about blue or red or right or left right now: we are at a point in America where this is about right or wrong.”

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A congressman from Massachusetts spent part of this weekend campaigning for a would-be congressman from Northeast Ohio. The link is that they’re both Democrats, both Ivy League grads and both vets of America’s most-recent wars. We talked with the two about the increasingly visible role of veterans in this year’s elections.

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Democrat Ken Harbaugh is making his first run at political office in a district that leans so Republican that incumbent Bob Gibbs didn’t even have a challenger four years ago. But Harbaugh is also one of the hundreds of vets taking a run at Congress this year with the backing of partisan and nonpartisan veterans groups. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports from one of a series of town halls that Harbaugh has organized throughout Ohio’s 7th Congressional District.