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Nepali couple in a garden

The spread of Coronavirus has been more pervasive in some regions than others.

In Akron, the north side of town has experienced greater spread than anywhere in the city. North Akron is the city’s international neighborhood, housing immigrants and refugees from Nepal, Bhutan, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Congo and many others. But one group is working to keep the virus in check.

an image of the ad for NoHi pop up restaurant

An Akron group is trying something new to help local food entrepreneurs and celebrate the city’s cultural diversity.

The North Akron Community Development Corporation will open a rotating restaurant next month in Temple Square on North Main Street. The NoHi Pop-Up project has lined up eight chefs who will each take a weekend to serve lunch and dinner.

North Akron CDC Director Katie Beck says it’s a good opportunity for food entrepreneurs to experiment and look into opening their own restaurants.

North Hill to Host International Farmers Market

Apr 15, 2018
photo of Akron North Hill neighborhood

A new farmers market is coming to the Akron’s North Hill neighborhood this summer. It’s a collaboration between an immigrant resettlement agency, Bhutanese farmers and community organizations.The Exchange House will host the market with partners Shanti Farms, the North Akron Community Development Corporation and the Irish Restoration Association. Katie Beck, manager of the Exchange House, says she hopes the market wil