John Cranley

photo of downtown Columbus

Cincinnati and Columbus are the latest Ohio cities to adopt policies making them sanctuary cities for immigrants and refugees. One state official wants to stop those cities from doing so.

Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel is throwing his support behind a proposed House bill  that bans local governments from declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.” Mandel says this can prevent acts of terror.

“It’s been the exact pattern in cities throughout Europe, and what we’re trying to do here is keep cities in Ohio and cities in America safe from radical Islamists.”

John Cranley

The mayor is declaring Cincinnati a sanctuary city. The designation isn't a legal one, but is a commitment to stand with immigrants and refugees following President Trump's ordered travel ban. 

Mayor John Cranley says the designation makes sense for the city on several levels.

photo of Ohio Mayors' Alliance meeting

Mayors from Ohio’s 30 largest cities have formed a coalition to discuss state policy and lobby lawmakers about the issues their communities are facing. 

The 20 Democratic and 10 Republican mayors are concerned about the state’s economic development and about home rule. Democrat John Cranley of Cincinnati says lawmakers need to know some state policies can cause local problems.

“We’re educating the state that we are the golden geese. We’re the ones who pay the taxes, and it’s not good to hurt your golden goose.”