Here are your morning headlines for Monday, January 14:

Mike DeWine is now officially the Governor of Ohio. He delivered his inaugural address during a ceremony at the Statehouse Monday afternoon. You can hear the address at 8 p.m. on WKSU. You can also watch the event here:

Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

Governor-elect Mike DeWine is giving a few hints about his inauguration next month. 

DeWine first wanted to run for governor nearly three decades ago. So he’s had a long time to think about what he wants.

“My goal is to be sworn in in the Capitol in the Rotunda. I was sworn in there the two times for Attorney General, and I would hope to be sworn in in the Capitol when I become governor of the state,” DeWine said.

Today is the first official day of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's fourth term. 

If there was a theme to the ceremony, it seemed to be this: 'Being mayor is not easy.'

From the introduction by Judge Patricia Blackmon: "Then I saw him again and he said, 'I'm running for mayor,' and I said, 'Frank, don't do it ...'" a musical number sung by a city police sergeant.

photo of Kent Interfaith Alliance

The Kent Interfaith Alliance held a post-inaugural rally on Saturday, one of hundreds of similar events taking place throughout the country and around the world.

About 100 people were at the Portage County courthouse in Kent for the rally, which organizers said was a call to work with -- and pray for -- elected officials. Krishna Fitch from Cuyahoga Falls was there encouraging people to listen to the content of what elected officials say.