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Phasing out the program that allows undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to temporarily stay is a major piece of President Donald Trump's immigration policy. The plan to do that goes to the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, and it could decide the future of hundreds of thousands of people living in the country. Some are telling their stories to convey why they think the program should be saved. 

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Immigrants are increasingly the targets of money-making scams. However there are a growing number of grassroots efforts to provide them with the information and tools to avoid these scams.

In the second of two stories on threats against Ohio’s immigrants, we look at local efforts to keep them from becoming victims.


Health agencies are warning Northeast Ohioans of an increase in poisonous mushrooms growing in the area. The humid summer caused mushrooms of all kinds to bloom in large numbers, and the Cleveland Clinic says eating toxic ones can cause serious health problems.

Cordray and President Obama

Here are your morning headlines for Friday, September 14:

  • Ohio school districts mostly average in report card rankings;
  • Obama rallies Ohioans to vote;
  • Auditor reports multiple errors in medical marijuana growing selections;
  • About 100 people to become U.S. citizens this weekend
  • Thousands of Ohio schools respond to survey on safety measures;

Ohio school districts mostly average in report card rankings

photo of protestors kneel in the prison driveway

Youngstown Police arrested five people Monday protesting the treatment of detained immigrants at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center. Four of the five are area ministers.  

The clergymen and a Canton businessman who accompanied them were taken into custody for blocking the entrance to the privately operated prison. 

photo of dosa making at St. Gregorios

A Northeast Ohio church opened its doors to the community over the weekend for its first annual Indian food festival.

Within 20 minutes of the festival opening, the parking lot was full at St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church in Macedonia. Visitors sampled tandoori chicken, dosa – a crepe filled with potatoes – and samosas, which have a fried dough shell surrounding a spicy filling.

Scores of protesters constructed a two-story-tall tripod structure in downtown Columbus on Monday morning to protest U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, blocking a major street in front of LeVeque Tower where the agency maintains a local office.

Report Highlights Immigrant Contributions in Ohio

Apr 24, 2018
An image from the report.

A new report highlights how immigrants are spurring economic growth in Ohio, and invigorating communities across the state.

The report, which was produced by the Center for Community Planning and Development at Cleveland State University, notes that immigrants in Ohio are some of the nation’s most educated.

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Ohio immigrants are struggling in three key areas, according to a new report. 

Immigration attorney Allison Herre contributed to the "Our Pathway to a Brighter Future" report, which recommends greater access to educational opportunities, affordable legal services and better access to healthcare.

Amer Othman Adi in his downtown Youngstown business
Congressman Tim Ryan's office

Youngstown entrepreneur and downtown business owner Amer Othman Adi is not leaving the country this weekend. Immigration authorities had ordered him deported because of questions about the legality of his entry into the U.S. 39 years ago.  But, a groundswell of local support for Adi backed them off, for now.

The government says Adi married a U.S. citizen when he came to America, got a green card, then the couple divorced; it maintains the marriage was a sham. Although he offered evidence for years that the nearly three year marriage was real, he was finally ordered to leave. 

photo of Nepali immigrants

The Summit County prosecutor’s office is launching a campaign to help immigrants and refugees who are victims of crime.

The new “We Can Help” campaign will feature brochures, signs and information in English, Spanish, Arabic and Nepali.

The languages were chosen with help from the International Institute of Akron. The city has seen rapid growth in the Nepali population and other refugees in North Hill.

photo of Rep. Candice Keller

The fight over how the state should deal with immigration issues has Republicans and Democrats at the Statehouse backing competing bills. And there are the signs the fight will be nasty. 

The lawmaker working on legislation to outlaw sanctuary cities in Ohio is newly elected Republican Rep. Candice Keller. And she’s gotten some high-profile support from state Treasurer Josh Mandel.