Hillary Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

 The daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton told more than 200 mostly African-American and elderly Clevelanders todaythat this election is the most important she has ever faced.

Chelsea Clinton – who grew up amidst political campaigns -- said her perspective about this year’s presidential race is shaped by her being a mother.

 “This election just feels that much more urgent to me. Because whomever we elect as our next president will be stewarding our country and our world and have such a profound impact.’ 

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner

  A lot of Ohio Republicans have been in New Hampshire this week to campaign for Gov. John Kasich. But Ohio Democrats are also speaking out for their candidates.

Former State Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland is among them. On CNN, she spoke about shifting her support from Hillary Clinton to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Passing out ballots

This is the place where they choose the people who wear the crazy hats on the convention floor, get wildly passionate about an event others dismiss as political theater – and who – paraphrasing vaudevillian W.C. Fields --  would rather be in Philadelphia ...  even in July.