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With a little over three weeks till the primary, the Republican candidates for governor and their supporters are spending millions on advertising. The ad war is heating up, with lawyers now getting involved.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s campaign has just released a new ad, building on this commercial from last month.

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The morning after the presidential election in eclectic Yellow Springs, Ohio, a dour clientele filed into the Coffee Emporium and Underdog Wines storefront on the main street through town.

Many had learned the news when they awakened: Donald Trump would be the next president.

Yellow Springs is a liberal island in the otherwise heavily Republican rural Ohio countryside, and the news was not welcomed.

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More than 1.87 million Ohioans voted early absentee, more than in any other election in state history.  Secretary of State Jon Husted has certified the results of the 2016 election, and even though polls showed the major party candidates were unpopular, turnout was topped 71 percent, more than a half a point higher than in 2012.


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It turns out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may have won one more county in Ohio than originally reported.

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Kent State University is offering a new course this spring. The subject is Hillary Clinton.

The class is called Hillary Clinton Case Study: Perspectives on Gender and Power. It will be taught by Kent State’s director of women’s studies, Suzanne Holt.

“This is an inquiry. It’s really not about starting with answers.  It’s a kind of inductive quest into a dramatic experience, and an unsettling one.”

But why Clinton, and why talk about her now? According to Holt, Clinton’s concession speech on Wednesday raised important questions about the future.