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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, April 4:

photo of Ohio Department of Medicaid

A new report suggests improving access to food might cut Medicaid costs in Ohio.

A study from The Center of Community Solutions found that tying food access with healthcare programs could help fight food insecurity.  

Loren Anthes is the author of the report and says there are many options for reducing food insecurity in Ohio.

Data Shows Correlation Between Education and Poverty

Aug 20, 2017
Classroom of empty desks
Karen Kasler / Statehouse News Bureau

Sixty percent of Ohio public school students living in poverty scored below proficient on required statewide tests, and the districts that have the lowest test scores have the highest percentages of poor students. That’s based on data from the Ohio Department of Education, and lawmakers are now studying the connection between education and poverty. 

Last month, the House Speaker's Task Force on Education and Poverty heard about the data on the achievement gap between students at different income levels.