Hall of Fame game

photo of Akron Fulton Airport

Here are you morning headlines for Friday, August 3, 2018

Front of Pro Football Hall of Fame museum

With a record turnout expected for the upcoming Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival in Canton, some highway access and parking changes for visitors are taking place. 

The interchange for the Hall of Fame from the expressway beside it has been a traffic-flow problem for about half a century. 

Pro Football HOF Investigates Field Problems

Aug 9, 2016
Pro Football Hall of Fame

The traditional kick off of the NFL season with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton was supposed to happen Sunday.  It didn’t. 

There were problems with the condition of the field.  Paint used to put the logo at midfield and markings in the end zones dried to a finish that was hard and slick and judged unsafe for players.  That’s why the game was called according to the Hall of Fame.