Habitat for Humanity

Photo of logo for Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio chapter
Habitat for Humanity / Habitat for Humanity

A local Habitat for Humanity chapter has seen an uptick in home foreclosures filed this year.

The East Central Ohio branch, which builds homes in Stark, Carroll, Tuscarawas, Jefferson and Harrison counties, has filed eight foreclosures. Prior to that, court records indicate the non-profit filed an average of two to three foreclosures a year since 2015.

Habitat Builds a House at the Statehouse

Apr 11, 2018
photo of habitat home in front of statehouse

It’s not uncommon to see a tent on the Statehouse grounds – but the beginnings of a full-sized house right outside the west stairs of the building was unusual. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has more on why. Lawmakers were invited to swing hammers to help create some framing that would be moved to a home site in Marysville. Habitat for Humanity brought the tools and supplies to the Statehouse to raise awareness of what the organization does – and doesn’t do.

photo of ReStore homes

The Akron Zoo and Habitat for Humanity have a partnership that’s giving new life to remnants of old homes near the zoo.

The zoo and Habitat are deconstructing four homes in the neighborhood near the zoo: two last week and two more starting today. Any reusable pieces -- such as windows and cabinets – will be offered for sale at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Akron.