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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, Oct. 15:

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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, June 11:

NASA’s Glenn Research Center is playing a key role in the mission to take astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars, Administrator Jim Bridenstine said during a visit to Cleveland Monday.

“The moon is our proving ground for how do we live and work on another world, so that we can go to Mars,” Bridenstine said. “And the sooner we can prove that out on the moon, the sooner we can move on to Mars.”

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The fund that the state has used to offer more than a billion dollars for high tech research and development projects since voters approved it in 2005 is running out of money. And there are no announced plans to shore up the Third Frontier program. 

Economic development organizations and business groups are advocating for the Third Frontier, which only has about $180 million left from its last bond issue. Alesha Washington at the Greater Cleveland Partnership says it’s time to look at it.

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Negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, enter their sixth round this week. And some Ohio companies are worried the U.S. will follow through on the President's threat to withdraw from the nearly 25-year-old agreement. 

Dredging at the Port of Cleveland

The Greater Cleveland Partnership is urging Governor John Kasich to sign a water quality bill sent to him last week.

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At the Greater Cleveland Partnership’s annual meeting this week, the regional chamber of commerce outlined its goals for the next few years. The focus will be on the workforce and on development outside downtown.

Greater Cleveland Partnership CEO Joe Roman says his organization has been focused on real estate and the city’s public schools.

“The last five-to-seven years has probably seen as much improvement in many of those areas as the city has probably seen in the last three or four generations,” he said.

Issue 32

Next month, Cleveland voters will decide on the city’s first income tax hike in 35 years. Issue 32 would increase the tax to 2.5 percent.

Greater Cleveland Partnership Backs City Income Tax hike

Aug 29, 2016
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Greater Cleveland partnership

The push to increase Cleveland’s income tax by a half percent has gotten some strong backing. The Greater Cleveland Partnership, the area’s chamber of commerce, is endorsing the November ballot issue to raise the tax to 2.5 percent.