grace house akron

A photo of the front of St. Thomas Hospital in Akron

A new hospice center in Akron will offer care for those who have fallen on hard times.

Holly Klein, President of Grace House says they’ve purchased property next to St. Thomas Hospital from Summa Health for ten dollars.

They plan to build a new six bedroom home on the site and will work with local hospice programs to ensure patients are treated with dignity.

She says many patients struggle to pay for hospice care.

Grace House logo

Homeless people in Akron who are limited in their options for hospice care may be about to get a new resource.

Holly Klein is the president of Grace House Akron, which provides end-of-life care for people who can’t afford it. Her goal is to either find an existing house or build a new one that can provide beds for up to six people.

She says she felt motivated after hearing stories of hospice patients passing away without loved ones or a caretaker.