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Ohio carried out its first execution of the year this morning, using a mixture of three drugs to execute Robert Van Hook for the 1985 murder of a Cincinnati man after the two met at a nightclub.

The Associated Press’s Andrew Welsh-Huggins witnessed the execution of Van Hook, who wished peace to the family of his victim, David Self, and recited a Norse prayer as he was put to death.

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Ohio has executed a second convicted killer with a three-drug mixture that was first tried in July. But the condemned inmate’s lawyer says there may have been a problem this time.

45 year old Gary Otte of Indiana died at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville about 31 minutes after his execution began. Jim Province of the Toledo Blade has witnessed executions before, including a problematic one in 2006. Province says Otte apologized for his crimes, sang a hymn, and then didn’t move after the drugs took effect.

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Daniel Konik

Ohio’s second execution in two months is set to proceed on Wednesday. Gary Otte of Indiana is scheduled to be executed for two murders in Parma in 1992. But Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports, those opposed to capital punishment says they’re not done fighting.

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Gov. John Kasich recently denied clemency to an Indiana man sentenced to die for two murders in Parma. The advocacy group Ohioans To Stop Executions held a forum last week in downtown Cleveland to discuss the future of the death penalty in Ohio.

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The state parole board has released its recommendation on whether Gov. John Kasich should spare the life of a man who killed two people in back-to-back robberies in Parma almost exactly 25 years ago.

Kasich took some unrelated action on executions while waiting on that report.

The parole board unanimously recommended Kasich reject clemency for 45-year-old Gary Otte, who shot two people in their apartments in back-to-back robberies in Parma on February 12 and 13, 1992.