Frank LaRose

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The Labor Day weekend is traditionally considered the true start of campaign season. Now that we're past that, the campaigns are intensifying.  It's the time when voters are more likely to pay attention to the choices they will be making in November.

One person who keeps tabs on what’s going on year-round in the world of politics is longtime political watcher and political reporter for WVXU in Cincinnati Howard Wilkinson.

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When state agencies collect fines and penalties, they often keep that money in their own coffers. A new bill at the Statehouse would change that.

The bill would require state agencies to deposit all fines, penalties and late fees into the state’s general operating fund instead of directing those dollars into their own coffers.

The sponsor of the bill said agencies that depend on those dollars for operation would have a method of being able to get them back, if the money is proven to be necessary. 

photo of Frank LaRose

Lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would make it illegal for repair shops to install unsafe, used tires on cars. Lawmakers say this can help protect drivers in a number of ways.

Republican Sen. Frank LaRose of Hudson says hundreds of fatal car crashes can be blamed on bad tires. His bill would ban repair shops from putting unsafe tires on a vehicle. That includes tires with worn-out tread and damage.

Photo of Kathleen Clyde

Democrat Kathleen Clyde was in Akron Monday to discuss her run for Ohio’s Secretary of State.

During an appearance at the Akron Press Club, Clyde said her priorities include better security for Ohio’s voting machines and automatic voter registration.

One audience member asked whether or not President Donald Trump could have an effect on midterm elections.

photo of Frank LaRose

The Republican running for Ohio Secretary of State says the passion of both parties over voting issues may be doing damage to American’s confidence in their democracy. Frank Larose, the state senator who hopes to succeed Secretary of State Jon Husted, told the Akron Press Club today any move that disenfranchises any voters or allows any voter fraud is too much.

“But nobody should overstate the existence of either fraud or suppression because I think what it does is underminds the confidence that voters have.”