Frank Jackson

Before action starts

 Two women who have been icons of Ohio Republican politics are in Cleveland this week, one helping to run the show and the other as a delegate at her fifth Republican National Convention.  WKSU’s M.L Schultze spoke with them separately about their goals for the party now that a convention each described as “like no other” is wrapping up.

Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley

Cleveland City Council will begin hearings this week on a proposed income-tax increase to head off a projected budget deficit. Council will discuss the measure during meetings tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. Mayor Frank Jackson says if the income tax is not increased from 2 percent to 2.5 percent, mass layoffs and service cuts will be necessary next year.

Cleveland's Public Square is Rededicated After a Year-Long Construction Project

Jun 30, 2016
photo of Public Square lawn

Cleveland rededicated Public Square today after a year-long, $50 million renovation. Clevelanders gathered in the space for the ceremony.

Greater Cleveland Partnership Chairman Tony Coyne spoke about the civic meaning of the redesigned space.

George Voinovich

Elected officials and the general public gathered at Cleveland City Hall today to pay their respects to former mayor, governor and U.S. Sen. George Voinovich.  Voinovich, who died last weekend at age 79, laid in state and will be buried tomorrow.

Throughout the day, about a hundred people passed by Voinovich’s coffin in the City Hall rotunda. During an afternoon ceremony, he was eulogized by Mayor Frank Jackson, Gov. John Kasich and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine among others.. DeWine called Voinovich a friend to him and his wife, and a political mentor.

Mayor Frank Jackson

UPDATE:  Check out Mayor Jackson's full state of the city speech at the end of this story.

Positive growth, economic disparity, some school improvements, dwindling revenues.                                         

These are among the highs and lows Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson hit upon today in his 11th State of the City address.

photo from Tamir Rice funeral

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has apologized to the family of Tamir Rice over a billing statement for the cost of ambulance transport after the 12 year old was shot by police. Jackson says the claim was settled a year ago by Medicaid, but re-sent this week to the executor of the Rice family estate for standard legal purposes.                                                               

Mayor Frank Jackson

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says city voters have a clear choice:  either approve a half-percent income increase or see services cut.  Jackson says a tax increase is the only way to balance next year’s operating budget because of stagnant revenues and rising costs. 

More than 100 protesters closed streets in downtown Cleveland yesterday, the day after Cuyahoga County prosecutors announced no criminal charges would be filed against the two police officers involved in the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in November of 2014. The protests remained peaceful and there were no arrests, though invectives were thrown at police.

Mayor Frank Jackson told the media he understands the frustration here and in other parts of the country.