Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant in Ottawa, Co., OH

Ohioans are being bombarded with an ad campaign focused on an energy bill—House Bill 6—that’s being debated in the state legislature.

Who's behind the campaign and just what will HB6 do? Learn more in this conversation with Dayton Daily News reporter Laura Bischoff.

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The Ohio Senate is now looking over the $69 billion two year state budget bill. Among the many proposals in it, is a change to electric companies and how their profits from ratepayers are regulated.  

The version of the budget bill that passed out of the Ohio House is 3,514 pages. Among the more than 107,000 lines is a sentence that has the ability to potentially change the bottom line of your electric bill.

The provision changes what’s known as the Significantly Excessive Earnings Test, or SEET, which is applied to utility companies.

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Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, April 24:

photo of Larry Householder
Andy Chow / Statehouse News Bureau

The plan to overhaul Ohio’s energy policy would get rid of the state’s green energy standards and would likely bailout nuclear power plants. The utility company, FirstEnergy, has been strongly advocating for those two things to happen for years now.

Republican House Speaker Larry Householder has a connection to FirstEnergy. FirstEnergy donated more than $150,000 to House Republicans during the 2018 election.

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The company that runs two coal and two nuclear plants in Ohio is working on a new bankruptcy proposal after a federal judge denied their initial filing. There’s a broad range of opponents in the case, including environmental groups who fear the energy generator’s parent company is trying to shirk its responsibility. 

FirstEnergy Solutions is filing for bankruptcy in a restructuring plan that would officially separate the company from FirstEnergy Corp., the energy distributor.