A photo of Caitlyn Lenhoff, a masters student in computer science at Kent State University, demonstrating how to use the team's helmet based augmented reality system.

A team of Kent State University students is working on an idea that could become part of NASA’s future missions to the moon and Mars.

Picture of Sarah Rogers in front of black and white dress.
Joe Gunderman

Sarah J. Rogers is the current Director of the Kent State University Museum.  The museum’s goal is to advance the understanding of world cultures through collecting, preserving, and exhibiting fashion and textiles.

Kent State Announces New Museum Director

Jul 27, 2018
photo of Sarah Rogers

Kent State University named Sarah Rogers as the new director of its museum.

Rogers previously worked for the Columbus Museum of Art, the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, and the Center of Science and Industry (COSI).

She said her goal is to engage the public with the museum and its collections.

“You or I go into our closets, we can probably not pull out a lot of Dior gowns or Balenciaga or Givenchy, but together we own this fantastic collection here,” she said.