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The U.S. EPA is trying to roll back one of the most sweeping regulations of carbon emissions. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, opponents and supporters say this will have a big impact on Ohio.



It was one of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign rally cries when he was running for president -- ending what he called the “war on coal.” Now, his EPA director Scott Pruitt says that’s exactly what the administration is doing by rolling back the Clean Power Plan. 

The Ohio House has passed a resolution asking the federal government to consider alternatives to Ohio’s E-Check program. The program affects seven counties in Northeast Ohio and requires older vehicles to be checked for emissions with a free test every two years.

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Environmental groups have filed a federal lawsuit, accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of violating the Clean Water Act.

The lawsuit involves a dispute over whether Lake Erie should be classified as an impaired waterway

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The Republican U.S. senator from Ohio says he’s already talked to President-elect Trump's choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency -- a choice who's controversial to many activists. 

Rob Portman says he’s talked with Scott Pruitt, Trump’s pick for EPA Director, about the health of Lake Erie.

“His responses were positive."


Seven conservation groups from the Great Lakes region are threatening to sue the U.S. EPA, saying it has failed to enforce the Clean Water Act in Ohio.

The conservation groups are accusing the EPA of “foot-dragging” and ignoring the threat of toxic algae blooms, which affect drinking water and wildlife.

Utica Shale Drillling Site
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This week the U.S. EPA issued its full report on the potential risks of fracking to ground water.  The  study was mandated by Congress six years ago leaves some big questions unansered

The report did not settle the question of whether fracking does or does not pose a threat to drinking water. The agency’s summary cites too many gaps in available data to reach a definitive conclusion.

Bolivar dam

Officials in the Tuscarawas County village of Bolivar say the EPA will investigate another chemical dumping that occurred this morning.

Lawrence Township Trustee Donald Ackerman says he was on his way to work when he saw a truck driver dumping a liquid along Towpath Road.

That’s when Ackerman says he stopped his car and approached the driver .