Emilia Sykes

photo of Rep. Emilia Sykes

State Rep. Emilia Sykes is asking for Gov. John Kasich’s help.  She filed complaints with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission six weeks ago, in which she detailed her experiences of unfair treatment at security checkpoints at the Statehouse. Sykes, who is African-American, says she is being targeted because of her race and gender. The complaint is against four entities, including the Ohio House of Representatives and the Department of Public Safety. To avoid an investigation, Sykes has asked for mediation.

Photo of Emilia Sykes

Rep. Sykes is 32-years old and African American. She says it’s hard to explain why she is being singled out. At the very least, she says it’s inconvenient and irritating.

But she says there is another reason for her raising awareness of her concerns.

“What is the face of leadership? Is it a middle-age white man, or a millennial black woman?

“I am hopeful people will start to recognize that leaders in our communities and our state are not monolithic.”

 Possible profiling