Election 2020

students voting at machines

This is the time of year when students choose their school’s homecoming courts. And kids in one Franklin County high school are voting in a very official way.

In the gym of Westland High School, real voting machines are programmed with the names of homecoming candidates. Kids make their choices, print out the paper ballots and then take them to another machine that will tally them before Friday night’s football game.            

US Bank Arena was filled with Donald Trump supporters Thursday night and not once did the crowd chant "send her back" in reference to the four Democratic congresswoman Trump has lambasted in recent weeks.

More than 300 guests filled a tent set up in a rain-soaked field to see Vice President Mike Pence help executives break ground on a new Lancaster manufacturing plant.

It's the second and final of the July Democratic debates. The second set of 10 candidates is making their case as to why they should be the next president of the United States. Follow NPR's live coverage for real-time fact checks and analysis of their remarks, Wednesday night at 8.


Akron Skyline
City of Akron

Here are your morning headlines for Friday July 26:

a photo of Davis Besse power plant

A group can now begin collecting campaign funds for a possible referendum on the state’s new energy law. The political action committee is looking at possibly fighting the law that subsidizes two nuclear plants to the tune of $150 million a year.

The group Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts is leading the charge for a possible ballot issue to stop the new energy law, which creates subsidies for nuclear, coal and solar.

1873 guide map of Ohio

David Giffels is on a journey to understand America, and for the Akron-based writer, that starts in Ohio.  He’s traveling around the state, working on a new book in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. 

Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, who is running as a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, calls the strict abortion laws being passed in a number of states “abhorrent.”

But he says he didn’t always feel that way.

“I changed my mind [on abortion] when I started meeting women who explained to me exactly what they were going through,” he tells Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd. “And really I began to understand how complicated and complex pregnancies are and that the government has no business being between the doctor and a woman.”

photo of Kamala Harris

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was in Cleveland on Sunday night for the Cuyahoga County Democrats’ annual dinner.

The California senator spoke before more than 700 people and began by condemning the shooting at a synagogue near San Diego on Saturday, saying it was driven by hatred that has received new fuel over the past two years.


When U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown decided weeks ago against running for president next year, many speculated it was because former Vice President Joe Biden was planning to run. 

Asked for his thoughts on Biden's announcement today, Sherrod Brown said that he doesn’t comment on any individual’s strengths or weaknesses as a candidate.

However he continued to push all Democratic candidates to focus on a pro-worker message.

As for the packed Democratic slate that now has more than 20 candidates?

photo of Kim Darroch

The British Ambassador to the United States visited Northeast Ohio today, discussing President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to the UK.

Ambassador Kim Darroch stopped at Kent State University as part of a tour throughout the state, and will also meet with legislators and Gov. Mike DeWine.

photo of Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was in Lordstown yesterday for a town hall on education, the economy and how they’re tied to the city’s future.

photo of Joan Murphy, Mary Cummins

Tim Ryan rallied voters in his hometown over the weekend, garnering support for his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination amid a crowded field.

photo of Sherrod Brown, Chuck Todd

Sen. Sherrod Brown is calling out President Donald Trump for what Brown calls “phony populism,” and he says Republicans should stand up to the president.

On NBC’s "Meet the Press" on Sunday, Brown was asked if Democrats moving too far left could alienate voters. He said it’s more important to note that the GOP is moving too far right.

photo of Sherrod Brown

Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator says he won’t run for president in 2020. 

photo of Sherrod Brown

Sen. Sherrod Brown wrapped up his “Dignity of Work” tour over the weekend with several stops in South Carolina.

photo of downtown Canton, Ohio

Here are your morning headlines for Friday, Feb. 22:

photo of Sen. Sherrod Brown, Iowa

Sen. Sherrod Brown wrapped up the first stop on his "Dignity of Work" listening tour in Iowa over the weekend, almost exactly one year before the state holds one of the first major contests of the 2020 presidential campaign.

Sherrod Brown speaking

Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator has launched a tour of key presidential primary and caucus  states, but says he hasn’t yet decided if he’ll seek the Democratic nomination in 2020. Some campaign experts in Ohio shared their thoughts on Sherrod Brown’s “Dignity of Work” tour.

Former Democratic National Committee chair David Wilhelm managed President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, and likes Brown’s approach.

“I think he has the sharpest message of any potential candidate so far,” Wilhelm said.

photo of hospital hallway

Here are your morning headlines for Monday, Jan. 28:


The partial government shutdown is already having an impact on the Cuyahoga Valley National Park – even though parts of the park are still open.

There are currently no rangers in the parks. 

photo of Cory Booker, Betty Sutton, Rich Cordray

One of the possible contenders in the 2020 presidential race was in Northeast Ohio over the weekend to drum up support for Rich Cordray in the race for governor.

“This is not actually about blue or red or right or left right now: we are at a point in America where this is about right or wrong.”

Last Sunday was another day of work for Gov. John Kasich, who once again appeared on a network TV news show to discuss national issues. He once again said he's not running for president. But that's becoming increasingly hard to believe for some people. And it’s drawing criticism from those who say the governor should spend more time at his “day job."

Donald Trump Supporters at Covelli Centre
Tim Rudell / WKSU

UPDATE JULY 28: Click here for a factcheck.org analysis of the claims made in President Trump's Youngstown speech. 

Donald Trump won the highest office in the land in part because of places like Youngstown, Ohio—former Democratic Party strongholds.  So on Tuesday, the President came to town.