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Some members of Ohio’s congressional delegation penned a letter to Secretary of State Frank LaRose urging him to allow more than one box per county where people can drop off their November election ballots.

LaRose appealed a Franklin County judge’s ruling that would allow multiple drop boxes.

Cleveland police will take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to Tuesday’s presidential debate, working with the Ohio National Guard and federal agencies to provide security, Safety Director Karrie Howard said Wednesday.

The Cleveland Clinic, which is co-hosting the event with Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), has agreed to cover the city’s overtime costs, Howard said.

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It’s National Voter Registration day today and Summit County libraries have set up drive-thrus for people to register. 

Local organizations including the League of Women Voters have helped organize the effort. Outdoor tables will also be set up at library locations from 12-2 p.m. and 4-7 p.m.  

Carol O’Connell is President of the League of Women Voters of Hudson. Her group, as well as OhioVotes, have come together for the first time to encourage registrations.  

President Donald Trump announced his new Supreme Court Justice pick "will be a woman" at a campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio on Monday.

Trump said his team has been vetting five finalists, and that the official announcement would come on Friday or Saturday this week.

Ohio Supreme Court

Under the Ohio Constitution, all judges in the state are elected, each serving 6-year terms. The system depends on voters knowing their judicial candidates and, unfortunately, they oftentimes don’t.

Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown says the legal community has discussed amending the constitution so that judges, or at least Supreme Court justices, are appointed, perhaps by the governor. However, such suggestions have been beaten back so far.

Civics Essential: What Do Judges Do, and Why Is It Important?

Sep 21, 2020
Cleveland Municipal Court
City of Cleveland

In October 2011, about a month before the general election, The Plain Dealer urged its readers not to re-elect Judge Angela Stokes to Cleveland Municipal Court.

By that time, Stokes’ fitness for the bench was in question. First elected in 1995 and re-elected twice since then, she had been accused of abusing court staff, defendants, and lawyers, and moving too slowly through her docket.

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You have questions about voting this fall: everything from counting absentee ballots to voting in-person. You asked – we’re answering in this week’s "OH Really?" election-protection conversation with Jen Miller, director of the Ohio League of Women Voters.

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A Kent State political science professor who specializes in Supreme Court politics is not surprised about the partisan debate that’s erupted over filling the seat left open by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats such as Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey have threatened to expand the number of seats on the court – and eliminate the filibuster -- if President Trump makes a nomination before the election.

The Ohio Democratic Party is asking the Franklin County Common Pleas Court that issued a ruling that allows for the addition of ballot drop boxes to take action against the Ohio Republican Party too. The comment is also being condemned by the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

A Franklin County Common Pleas Court has ruled additional drop boxes can be installed prior to the November election if Secretary of State Frank LaRose wants them. 


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More than one million Ohio voters have already sent in applications to vote by mail. But the Secretary of State and the Democrats are in court over whether they can be submitted electronically.

On Friday, Ohio’s 10th Court of Appeals blocked a ruling requiring the state to accept emailed and faxed absentee ballot applications. Earlier that day, a Franklin County judge said state law didn’t specifically prohibit online submissions. Presently, applications must be delivered or mailed.

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WKSU listeners have been sending in questions about voting this fall, from what happens to absentee ballot applications to the security of each county’s dropbox. We’re answering in our first "OH Really?" election-protection conversation. Jen Miller, director of the Ohio League of Women Voters, begins by discussing why some people are getting multiple absentee ballot applications.

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Friday marks the 19th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks against the United States — the single deadliest instance of a terrorist attack in world history and among the most consequential global policy markers in modern times.

The 2020 presidential campaign heads into the fall stretch with a dizzying pace of news developments threatening to upend the contest. But NPR interviews with voters across the country around Labor Day weekend found that most are locked into their support for either President Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The small contingent of undecided voters said they are unenthusiastic about their choices.

About 50 people showed up near Mansfield last week to see John Pence, a Trump campaign surrogate and nephew of the vice president. “Is Richland County Trump country?” a campaign staffer asks to cheers and applause.

Summit County Board of Elections

Ohio union leaders marked Labor Day today with a call for better conditions for workers and a new website to help them secure work safety, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.   

Wayne Blanchard, assistant UAW director for Ohio and Indiana, was among those participating in a virtual roundtable. He pointed out that many manufacturing plants in this region had made materials for healthcare workers and the public during the pandemic.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose says his reasons for rejecting Kanye West's bid to be a presidential candidate on the November ballot were clear. The state's top elections official says the paperwork for the petitions was filled out wrong.

Voters Mostly Confident About Election Integrity, Though Trump Supporters Are Uneasy

Aug 31, 2020
image of polling pie chart

How confident Ohioans are about the integrity of the presidential election depends on who they are backing, with supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden feeling more assured than backers of President Donald Trump.

That finding is one of the conclusions drawn from a statewide poll conducted as a joint project of the Your Voice Ohio media collaborative and the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron.

Your Voice Ohio centerpiece graphic

They came from all corners of Ohio, all walks of life, and they’re all trying to cope with the coronavirus pandemic in many of the same ways — more face time with family; experimenting in the kitchen; finally cleaning out that old, junky garage.

Ohio’s Secretary of State has released the list of nearly 116,000 voter registrations that are in danger of being removed after the November election if those voters don’t vote or update their registration. Now it’s up to community groups to help find these voters. 

Well, the 2020 national political conventions are over.

The Republicans wrapped up Thursday night, and there was a lot to digest, not least a clearer sense of what the post-Labor Day sprint is going to look and sound like.

A second lawsuit has been filed against the Ohio Secretary of State, asking a court to order more ballot drop boxes being installed throughout the state. 

RNC Live Coverage: Thursday, Aug. 27

Aug 27, 2020

Follow live updates and analysis of Day 4 of the Republican National Convention. President Trump caps off the week with his address.

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President Trump's campaign was forced to deal with sudden focus on two major news stories — mounting national unrest about racial injustice after another shooting of a Black man by police in Wisconsin, and Hurricane Laura, which is threatening "unsurvivable"storm surge — on the third night of the Republican National Convention.