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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, September 20:

A photo of the Ohio House in session

The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed a bill giving courts options to divert those charged with drug crimes away from prison and into treatment programs. It now goes on to the Senate, which also has a drug crimes sentencing reform measure of its own.

photo of opioids

People suffering from addiction have a new online tool that can help them find the treatment they need right away.

The website, called DrugHelp.Care, is updated daily by healthcare providers with how many treatment beds are available.

One of the site's creators who is an associate professor at Cleveland State University, Patty Stoddard-Dare, says the site is already making a huge difference in how patients receive the care they need.

Cuyahoga County Drug Court Judge Opposes Issue 1

Sep 25, 2018
NICK CASTELE / ideastream

One of Cuyahoga County’s drug court judges joined Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine in opposing state Issue 1, which would reduce penalties for drug possession.


Judge Joan Synenberg, who presides over one of the county’s two drug dockets, spoke alongside DeWine at a campaign event Monday.

Drug courts put defendants on a plan to receive treatment in exchange for having their case dismissed. Fifty-five counties in Ohio have at least one drug docket.