Drug tests

photo of Niraj Antani

An Ohio lawmaker wants the state to take tougher action when a person on parole fails a random drug test. The proposal is meant to act as an intervention for addicts.

Under the proposed House bill, a person on parole or under community control would automatically go back to jail if they test positive for heroin, fentanyl or carfentanil.

The bill would also allow the option for treatment rather than jail time.

photo of Ohio Statehouse

After several months of no movement, there’s new committee activity on a bill that would require some people applying for unemployment benefits to submit to drug tests.  

The bill would set up a two-year pilot program in Butler, Crawford and Darke counties to screen applicants for jobless benefits. If the screening suggests a substance-abuse problem, the applicant would have to submit to a drug test before receiving cash assistance.