Donald Trump

Republican Primary: The Trump Effect

May 3, 2018
A photo composite of Ohio gubernatioral candidates Mary Taylor (left) and Mike DeWine (right.)

The gubernatorial primary is the first election for statewide office since Ohio overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016. That means we could soon learn a lot about Ohio’s Republican voters and the real impact Trump has had on Ohio politics.

Mary Taylor and Mike DeWine have both invoked President Donald Trump’s name in their ads playing around Ohio.

DeWine has said he supports Trump’s border wall and travel ban.

Photo of Rob Portman

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is doubling down on his doubts about a bill that would protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

Portman says that his understanding of the bill — which would prevent President Trump from firing Mueller unless it went through a three-judge panel — could be unconstitutional.

Despite his opposition to the bill, he maintains he supports Mueller finishing his investigation.

John Kasich
Dan Konik / Statehouse News

President Trump is saying he’ll order National Guard troops be sent to the border with Mexico to prevent undocumented immigrants from entering the U.S. But some governors say they will not follow those orders. So where does Gov. John Kasich stand on the matter? 

Make no mistake. Kasich does not agree with President Trump on many issues. But he says if Trump asks for Ohio National Guard troops, he’ll comply.

Sherrod Brown, Rob Portman, Donald Trump
Andy Chow / Statehouse News

President Donald Trump has found a Democratic supporter in his contentious effort to raise tariffs on imported steel --  Ohio’s top ranking Democrat. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown says raising the tariffs on imported steel means stiffening trade regulations.

photo of Workers at Whirlpool's manufacturing plant in Clyde.

Manufacturers who make products with steel and aluminum are expected to see their costs rise after President Trump's tariffs go into effect. But Whirlpool Corp., which makes washing machines at a plant in Clyde, may come out clean.