photo of a Dog

Cuyahoga Falls is the first city in Ohio to offer DogSpot locations. DogSpot is a temperature controlled doghouse. The city will offer two of them downtown. DogSpot typically charges 30 cents per minute to use the unit, but the city of Cuyahoga Falls is sponsoring the houses at $500 per month through the end of the year. That means pet owners can use them for free.  

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters hopes DogSpots will bring more people to the city, and more customers downtown.

Ohio State University’s Veterinary Medical Center opens a new cancer ward on Wednesday.

photo of Stark County dog shelter

Stark County’s dog wardens are losing their jobs, but the chief warden thinks the change will bring progress to the community.

The Sheriff’s department is taking over the dog warden duties on March first. Current head warden Jon Barber and four of his assistants will lose their jobs. They can reapply to work for the Sheriff’s department,  but they have to be certified as deputies.

Barber says one benefit of the change is deputies can enforce the law. 


Patricia Princehouse, director of the evolutionary biology program at Case Western Reserve University, wants to know how we got man’s best friend, dogs, from wolves.

“There is an extraordinary amount of variation present in, you know, Canis domesticus. You don’t find that in any other domesticated breed, so it’s not just something that we’ve brought to dogs,” Princehouse says. “There’s something about the genome of dogs.”

photo of Russ Neal

Akron City Council meets Monday to get more information about a proposal that would increase penalties for people whose dogs are cited for excessive barking.

Councilman Russ Neal says he came up with the proposal after hearing from constituents – and even people from the rest of Akron – that excessive barking is a problem.  The ordinance would make a second excessive barking offense a fourth-degree misdemeanor, which could carry up to 30 days in jail and a maximum fine of $250.

photo of Stark County dog shelter

The Stark County dog shelter has had enough space this year for all the animals in its care.  That means, so far, no euthanizations related to space limitations. But it’s a full-house right now that needs to be cleared this week so renovations can begin.

City of Cleveland

The Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is still waiting for test results to determine what killed five dogs last month.

Samples of the unknown respiratory illness were sent to state labs which have yet to identify the disease. Five dogs sent from the city kennel to a Valley View dog shelter died of the illness.

A city spokesperson said the kennel has revisited its cleaning protocols as a precaution. This includes disinfecting the kennel and the animal control officer’s truck. He says no other dogs have died.

photo of PCRM ad campaign

The Cleveland Clinic’s South Pointe Hospital will end its involvement with a program that allowed some residents to practice surgery on live dogs.

Earlier this week, a national non-profit group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine placed four billboards in Northeast Ohio calling for an end to the program.

Dr. John Pippin is the group’s director of academic affairs.

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Two bills that would permit dogs on restaurant patios statewide are being introduced in the House and Senate. The measures are as much about business as it is about dogs.

Earlier this year, a few health departments sent letters to businesses telling them it’s illegal to allow dogs on their patios. Many restaurants who were doing that were upset. 

photo of Brood V cicada

Ohio is about to experience the once-every-17-year emergence of Brood V cicadas, which provide a rare treat for dogs and cats. But the crunchy creatures are not always a guilt-free snack.

Billions of the buzzing bugs will emerge from the soil in the coming weeks for their short mating season. During that time, pets will have a good time eating the arthropods, which are not toxic and don’t bite.